Exchanging knowledge across the Atlantic: litigators kick off call series on digital rights

By Jason Williams-Quarry, 10th September 2019

DFF’s transatlantic call series on digital rights kicked off on 9 September with 29 experts, litigators and activists sharing knowledge from across 15 organisations.

The five-part call series seeks to facilitate dialogue on digital rights priorities and international collaboration between organisations in the US and Europe.

The first call focused on a wide range of critical digital rights issues, including facial recognition, mass surveillance and how to use anti-trust and competition law to protect digital rights. Participants met with their peers in an informal setting, shared knowledge of each other’s organisations as well as concrete experience by discussing recent cases and pending litigation.

The call series builds on initial conversations earlier in the year between DFF and lawyers from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

DFF is hosting another four transatlantic calls over the coming weeks. The next transatlantic calls currently planned are:

  • 23 September (17:00 CEST)

Heat mapping thematic areas for transatlantic collaboration

  • 8 October (17:00 CEST)

Challenging anti-encryption measures

  • 15 October (17:00 CEST)

Machine learning and human rights

  • 13 November (17:00 CET)

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Register for any of the upcoming sessions by getting in touch with us via e-mail.

Further topics and calls will be added based on the input from participants. Stay tuned!