Case Studies

Case studies

The case studies provided here illustrate some of the important digital rights work of our grantees, which we are proud to support. Due to the context or sensitivity of some projects, not all the work we support is shown here. We will continue to add case studies over time as new grants are approved and projects progress.

We have also produced more in-depth analyses of the impact, background, development and the application process on 11 of the case studies below, accessible here.

EU Data Adequacy and Digital Trade

In January 2019, the EU’s European Commission granted adequacy to Japan for its data protection laws, allowing personal data to flow freely between the EU and Japan. The adequacy decision


Predictive policing of minors

The “Top 400” programme in Amsterdam profiles minors and young adults to predict the 400 most likely to commit serious crimes. This programme is problematic because it disproportionately targets marginalised