DFF regularly produces videos and video series’ examining key digital rights issues. These include animations and recordings of our events. To see more videos, take a look at our YouTube Channel.

Moderated by Laurence Meyer of the Digital Freedom Fund, the War Crimes and Digital Rights panel brought together a diverse group of experts including Marwa Fatafta from Access Now, Nadim Nashif of 7amleh, and Giovanni Fassina from the European Legal Support Centre (ELSC).

They discussed important issues where conflict intersects with digital freedoms. Topics included digital rights during conflict, the difference in concerns between Europe and the rest of the world, and how to protect digital rights during war crimes, particularly looking at situations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the use of technology in conflicts by nations like Israel and China. The conversation covered historical war crime contexts, the protocols of the Geneva Conventions, and the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC). They also addressed the rise of far-right ideologies in Europe and ongoing crises in places like Sudan, Haiti, Tigray, Ukraine, and Palestine.

In December 2023, we collaborated with Observatorio de Trabajo, Algoritmo y Sociedad to co-organise a Platform Workers Strategic Workshop in Lisbon. Together, we tackled key challenges facing platform workers, formulated strategies to drive change, and envisaged more optimistic futures.

Felipe Diez from Observatorio TAS & Riders x Derechos offers valuable sociopolitical insights into how platforms are reshaping labour relations. He also highlights significant achievements, such as the recent adoption of the EU Platform Work Directive. You can read the full article here.


In this series of videos, Aaron Khan provides an introduction to EU competition law for those working in digital rights.

During its Annual Strategy Meeting 2021, DFF hosted a panel on Decolonising Data, as part of the broader decolonising process.


In this series of animated videos, DFF highlights several important digital rights cases from our network.

DFF organises speakers series’ that explore key issues in digital rights and strategic litigation.