Digital Freedom Fund

January 2018

Launched on 25 January, the Digital Freedom Fund (DFF) supports strategic litigation to advance and protect digital rights in Europe. Operating from Berlin and Brussels, it provides financial support to NGOs and individuals litigating to protect human rights in online and networked spaces and supports coordination and collaboration between digital rights activists. DFF will open for grant applications in Q2 of 2018.

With the scale and complexity of challenges on the rise, it’s more important than ever that our laws truly do serve the public interest. When they don’t, we should be able to reform them, or even strike them down – especially if they are out of step with democratic norms. Strategic litigation can be a useful intervention to advance or enforce digital rights, from issues like net neutrality and data protection to the regulation of speech. This is where the Digital Freedom Fund comes in. Read more.

As the boundaries between our online and offline lives blur, is there really a distinction between “digital” and other human rights? This is a fundamental question that influences DFF’s strategy as we define the parameters for supporting the work of activists and litigators in Europe. Read more.

What makes litigation strategic? Not all litigation is as neat and well-planned. That doesn’t mean that an imperfect or ad hoc case cannot yield positive results for a broader cause. We are carefully crafting the parameters for what should be considered “strategic” cases when it comes to the litigation activities DFF will support.
Read more here and here.

One of our aims at DFF is to assist digital rights activists in finding high-quality pro bono assistance for their legal work. Helping to foster a strong pro bono culture in Europe is important in that context, as it will enhance and enrich the pool of talented lawyers putting their skills towards advancing digital rights in the region. Read more.
DFF is hiring


The Digital Freedom Fund is looking for an amazing Legal Officer to help us support our partners in bringing about change, and a Consultant to help us identify critical threats on the horizon to digital rights.


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