Join us to Advance Digital Rights in Europe!

The Digital Freedom Fund works to advance digital rights through strategic litigation in Europe. We do this through grants that support the legal, advocacy, research, and other costs involved in litigation as well as through facilitating skill development and networking of organisations working on digital rights issues, among others. DFF co-drives a process towards decolonising the digital rights field, which informs all our work. The initiative focuses on the need to tackle how uneven power dynamics, exclusion, and systems of oppression play out in the current digital rights field, to increase our capacity to foster change for all.

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Join our Board of Directors


Join our Board of Directors, and help advance digital rights in Europe!

Our Board ensures accountability to DFF’s mission and values, and helps ground our digital rights work in the lived experiences of people and communities targeted by data systems and related technological harms. Please check here for a more detailed description on the role of a board member at DFF.

If you would like to join our board, we are happy to answer questions and provide more information. Please feel free to reach out to the director Mauricio Lazala at mauricio[at]digitalfreedomfund[dot]org.

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