Another Tech is Possible

Another Tech is Possible?

DFF’s third Speaker Series will run through November and December 2022. Through conversations between preeminent experts deploying an anti-colonial lens, it will explore resistance against tech oppression and how we can build the world we want. Registration is available below.

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Thursday 17 November, 17:00 – 18:20 CET

Anti-colonial Tech

This opening session will see Anasuya Sengupta and Bonnita Nyamwire explore some of the central questions around what it means to resist oppressive tech, as well as how to make and deploy technologies that serve our communities. The conversation will be guided by the following questions:

• What do we mean when we talk about the colonial roots of digital harm?
• How do colonial structures and legacies play out in tech?
• What is technology from an anti-colonial perspective?
• What role (if any) could tech play in creating an alternative future and the (decolonised) world we want to build?
• How can we organise to resist and work toward preventing and tackling the issues which emerge from the development and deployment of harmful tech?
• Which initiatives are already hinting at a desirable future?

The conversation will be moderated by Laurence Meyer, Racial and Social Justice Lead at DFF, and will include an audience Q&A.

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Bonnita Nyamwire
Bonnita Nyamwire

Research Manager at Pollicy Uganda

Anasuya Sengupta
Anasuya Sengupta

Co-director and co-founder of Whose Knowledge?