Litigation Skills Building

Litigation Skills Building

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Litigation skill building is a core part of the Litigation Innovation Strategy Team (LIST). We develop resources, organise convenings, meetings and workshops that help to improve the strategic litigation skills of the community of organisations and individuals working on digital rights in Europe.

This includes not only those actively seeking litigation, but also those whose work can inform, support and/or complement digital rights litigation. Activities within the Digital Rights Litigation Skills Building project falls within one of two categories:


Knowledge Building

Knowledge Building focuses on delivering events and developing resources focused on sharpening and refreshing the knowledge of the digital rights community on legal frameworks and legal processes, with the aim of facilitating more strategic and intersectional decision-making in digital rights litigation.


Skills Building

Skill Building includes building or strengthening specific litigation skills, such as workshops on legal tactics, building litigation strategies, learning from previous litigation efforts, and strengthening legal practices (e.g. movement lawyering practices).


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