Our Board

The Digital Freedom Fund has a Board with eight independent members.

Fieke Jansen, PhD candidate at Cardiff University and independent consultant (Chair)

Fieke Jansen is based in Berlin, Germany.  She researches the impact of data-driven processes on society at Cardiff University's Data Justice Lab and also works on data-based investigations, human rights, privacy and digital security. Fieke tweets at @FiekeJ

Nicole Rose Nieman, Development Consultant (Treasurer)

Nicole is an international development consultant based between South Africa and Europe. She has a legal and finance background and currently advises several philanthropic entities.

Simone Peek

Simone Peek, Lawyer and Partner at bureau Brandeis (Secretary)

Simone Peek is a lawyer and partner at bureau Brandeis in Amsterdam. Her practice focuses on complex cases and investigations on financial law, regulatory enforcement disputes, risk management and compliance. She previously worked for Clifford Chance in Amsterdam and Washington D.C. Simone tweets at @draftedbysimone

Raegan MacDonald

Raegan MacDonald

Originally from Canada, Raegan is based in Brussels, Belgium, and has years of experience working as a director, advocate, campaigner, funder and policy expert in the field of technology and human rights. Prior to her role as Director of Public Policy at Mozilla, she worked at Access Now and EDRi. She is a board member of EDRi and member of the Decolonising Digital Rights Advisory Group.

Rupert Skilbeck, Director at Redress

Rupert Skilbeck is specialised in human rights law and international criminal law and has directed strategic litigation around the world. He is the Director of Redress, a UK-based organisation dedicated to ending torture and seeking justice for survivors worldwide, and previously was the Litigation Director at the Open Society Justice Initiative. Rupert tweets at @RupertSkilbeck

Karmen Turk, Litigation Attorney and Partner at Pan-Baltic TRINITI​

Karmen Turk is a partner at the Pan-Baltic TRINITI Law Firm, based in Estonia. Karmen has expertise in AI regulations, human rights, intellectual property and media law. She co-ordinates the Dynamic Coalition of Freedom of Expression and Media on the Internet of the UN Internet Governance Forum. Karmen tweets at @turkkarmen

Jiefan Hsu, Independent Finance Consultant

Jiefan Hsu is an independent finance consultant based in Amsterdam. She mainly works for pension funds and financial institutions in The Netherlands and the Caribbean. Jiefan is also a board member of the Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam and advisory board member of the Aruba Growth Fund.