Our Board

The Digital Freedom Fund has a Board with seven independent members.

Sarah- DFF Board

Sarah Diedro Jordão

Sarah is a multi-passionate & versatile consultant. She also works as a Communications strategist, podcast host, event moderator, and workshop creator. The driving interests foundational to her work are social justice, intersectional feminism, collective dreaming and Black joy as acts of resistance. Among other things she served as an Intersectionality expert for the North-South Center of the Council of Europe, a moderator for the World Forum for Democracy and a podcast host for the European Greens.

Audrey G 2 (2)

Audrey Gaughran

Audrey is an expert on corporate accountability. She began her career as a journalist in her native Ireland, later using her journalistic skills to carry out investigations into human rights, environmental and economic issues for the UN and non-governmental organizations in Europe, Africa and Asia. She worked with Amnesty International for 17 years, where she led the Global Issues and Research programmes at the International Secretariat. In 2021, she joined Amsterdam-based Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (known by its Dutch acronym, SOMO) as its executive director. Audrey tweets at @AudreyGaughran

Jiefan Hsu

Jiefan Hsu is an independent finance consultant based in Amsterdam. She mainly works for pension funds and financial institutions in The Netherlands and the Caribbean. Jiefan is also a board member of the Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam and advisory board member of the Aruba Growth Fund.


Björn van Roozendaal

Björn is a civil society leader and philanthropic professional with extensive experience in advocacy, strategy development, resource mobilisation, grantmaking and capacity building. He is currently team manager with Open Society Foundations in Berlin and was previously the Programmes Director of ILGA-Europe (the European LGBTI umbrella organisation, from 2012-2022). Björn was also previously involved with advancing LGBTI rights at the United Nations and within European youth activism, and has various other volunteering roles

Rupert Skilbeck

Rupert Skilbeck is specialised in human rights law and international criminal law and has directed strategic litigation around the world. He is the Director of Redress, a UK-based organisation dedicated to ending torture and seeking justice for survivors worldwide, and previously was the Litigation Director at the Open Society Justice Initiative. Rupert tweets at @RupertSkilbeck

Karmen Turk

Karmen Turk is a litigation attorney and partner at the Pan-Baltic TRINITI Law Firm, based in Estonia. Karmen has expertise in AI regulations, human rights, intellectual property and media law. She co-ordinates the Dynamic Coalition of Freedom of Expression and Media on the Internet of the UN Internet Governance Forum. Karmen tweets at @turkkarmen