The Digital Freedom Fund supports strategic litigation on digital rights in Europe that contributes to advancing human rights in the digital sphere.

Read more about the Digital Freedom Fund’s activities aimed at strengthening the field of digital rights litigators in Europe.

We fund two types of activities: litigation across multiple instances, and pre-litigation research.

The application process consists of a concept note, a full application, an evaluation by a Panel of Experts, and a final decision by the DFF Board.

Applying for DFF funding? These guides will help you prepare your application.

What does DFF consider “digital rights”? How long does it take for DFF to process my application? Answers to these questions and more can be found in our FAQ.

These case studies illustrate some of the important digital rights work of our grantees, which DFF is proud to support.

DFF works with a panel of independent experts to evaluate the grant applications it receives.