Accountability & Standards

Accountability & Standards

We work following a number of frameworks to ensure accountability, transparency and, good governance.

Code of Conduct
The code of conduct expresses our core beliefs and has been jointly developed by the Board, management and employees. The code of conduct is communicated to everyone working for or with us, and it is expected that it is acknowledged, respected and accepted by anyone engaging with us in such capacity.

Our Code of Conduct

House Rules
Positive and constructive attitudes serve as the foundation for the work we do. We take great care to design events that are welcoming and inclusive of everyone. To ensure the creation of safe spaces, we have developed these House Rules for all events it organises.

Our House Rules

Our House Rules for Online Meetings

Compensation Framework
We aim to have a fair, equitable and transparent method to compensate individuals who provide time, care, and knowledge in support of our work. By rendering compensation ranges transparent to anyone who would envision collaborating with us, we aim to participate proactively in the broader field of social change organisations pushing for equitable access to fair compensation. We recognise that transparency in pay range can be one useful tool, among many, to combat high variation in compensation and more generally in wages, which disproportionately negatively impacts racialised womxn and racialised non-binary people.

Our Compensation Framework