Accountability & Standards

Accountability & Standards

We work following a number of frameworks to ensure accountability, transparency and, good governance.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct embodies our fundamental principles and is a collaborative effort between the Board and DFF staff. It is shared to all individuals engaged with our organisation, with the expectation that it is recognised, respected, and embraced by anyone involved in such capacities. We refine our code of conduct through ongoing iteration, valuing different viewpoints to shape our shared standards of behaviour. Our code of conduct reflects our commitment to a respectful, inclusive environment for all.

Our Code of Conduct

Compensation Framework

We aim to have a fair, equitable and transparent method to compensate individuals who provide time, care, and knowledge in support of our work. By rendering compensation ranges transparent to anyone who would envision collaborating with us, we aim to participate proactively in the broader field of social change organisations pushing for equitable access to fair compensation. We recognise that transparency in pay range can be one useful tool, among many, to combat high variation in compensation and more generally in wages, which disproportionately negatively impacts racialised womxn and racialised non-binary people.

Our Compensation Framework