Digital Rights Are Women*s Rights

Digital Rights are
Women*s Rights

In honour of International Women’s Day, DFF presents a series to highlight the importance of intersectional feminism for digital rights.

This collection of blogs, contributed by guest authors from our network, illustrates why we must embrace intersectional perspectives if we want to defend the digital rights of all. It explores issues ranging from the importance of feminist technological infrastructure, to the role of online platforms in fighting against sexual violence, to women’s access to abortion information online.

This mini-series follows on from our previous series, Digital Rights are Human Rights.

Noopur Raval

In 2015, when the United Nations established the Sustainable Development Goals… Read more >>

Estefanny Molina

Women everywhere need access to information on their sexual and reproductive rights. Read more >>

Alexandra Hache

Feminist infrastructure is a vast ecosystem: it is what supports, sustainably, the advancement of feminist struggles. Read more >>

Akram Kubanychbekov

The development of artificial intelligence is changing our lives. In some ways, this is for the better; but AI also has significant implications… Read more >>

Kendra Albert and Sara Beladi

The global proliferation of #MeToo has been a stark illustration of the power of the internet as a platform for speech against sexual violence. Read more >>