Advancing digital rights in Europe

What we do

DFF funds three types of activities: litigation, pre-litigation, and post-litigation. We accept grant applications through regular calls for applications, which are announced on our grants page.

DFF facilitates events and develops resources to support organisations and individuals in pursuing litigation to advance digital rights.

Our Grantmaking Case Studies

Our Community Strengthening & Support Projects

Our goal is to initiate a process that challenges the structural causes of oppression in order to work towards a digital rights field in which all groups in society have their voices heard and which works to protect the digital rights of all.

DFF launched an initiative to support the work of racial, social, and economic justice organisations in the digital context.

Our aim is to increase awareness of the potential of the EU Charter of fundamental rights in the defence and protection of digital rights, to conduct capacity building, and to strengthen the knowledge and ability of different stakeholders in enforcing digital rights using strategic litigation.

DFF develops resources, organises convenings, meetings and workshops that help to improve the strategic litigation skills of the community of organisations and individuals working on digital rights in Europe.

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Upcoming events

DFF actively engages in a consultative dialogue process with those working to advance digital rights in Europe to learn what our shared priorities in the field are and what we at DFF can do to support them.

One important way through which we do this is via our anchor event, the Annual Strategy Meeting, where we bring together a wide group of organisations and individuals working on digital rights topics to jointly strategise, share information and lessons, and co-ordinate work going forward. This also helps us define our grant-making funding priorities and overall strategy going forward.

Our next strategy meeting will be held on March 12-14, 2024, in Berlin, Germany.

We collaborate with external consultants to enhance our team’s expertise and capacity.
We warmly welcome individuals with experience in the following areas to get in touch with us: