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This lexicon was first drafted as material for the first Digital Rights for All workshop called ‘Talking Digital’. We struggled back then to find one document with different levels of definitions for tech jargon. Most notions in this lexicon were part of our first workshop activity called ‘Days of our lives’. During this exercise, the participants were to match notions such as Algorithm, interoperability, big tech etc. to a situation described in the text, as we followed one person going through their day. 

This revised lexicon has a similar ambition, having one document where definitions of often used tech vocabulary can easily be found and highlighted through their social justice lens. Therefore,
the lexicon offers multiple interpretations for these definitions. It is meant to propose different approaches to the concepts and invite the reader to use the one best suited to their unique context.


What to expect in the Talking Digital Lexicon?

In this lexicon, you will find technical, legal, historical, sociological, and philosophical definitions. You will also see short descriptions and longer analyses. There are varied sources, from well-known free to use online encylopaedias, non profit reports and legal texts to news articles, research articles, and essays. Many of the definitions in the lexicon come from the work of Black and brown scholars, activists, and collectives. They have been, and continue to be, pioneers in the study and function of how racial and social injustices are also embedded in digital realities. They are part of traditions that have constantly affirmed that defining, far from being a neutral act, is indeed a political one.


About the design


As designers, we wanted to help visualize the various topics touched upon in this lexicon, from systemic oppressions to capitalism drifts, by appealing to our own subjectivity. We imagined an ironical universe mixing the narratives of digital self-defence or non-global internet, and borrowing from science fiction as well as both web and anti-racism, environmental activism culture and imagery. We are pleased to highlight the political messages conveyed by the Talking Digital Lexicon. Furthermore, we hope that our part will serve anyone who wants to overcome the current digital world’s challenges, and build a fairer one.

Estelle Pom & Claire Zaniolo

Claire Zaniolo

Estelle Pom



How can I contribute and get involved?

If you are interested in contributing or would simply like to know more, please let us know – we’d be delighted to speak to you. You can reach us at