Below you will find all of DFF’s past and present projects. These diverse projects aim to serve as resources for those working in the digital rights field, as well as for those looking to learn more about key digitals rights issues.

Decolonising Digital Rights

DFF and its partner European Digital Rights (EDRi) are in the initial phases of a new initiative to begin a decolonising process for the digital rights field.

During its Annual Strategy Meeting 2021, DFF hosted a panel on Decolonising Data, as part of the broader decolonising process.

On this page, you can meet the talented set of people participating in designing and driving forward the collaborative, multi-year decolonising process.

Digital Rights For All

DFF is launching a new initiative to support the work of racial, social and economic justice organisations in the digital context.

This lexicon was first drafted as material for the first Digital Rights for All workshop called ‘Talking Digital’. We struggled back then to find one document with different levels of definitions for tech jargon. Most notions in this lexicon were part of our first workshop activity called ‘Days of our lives’. During this exercise, the participants were to match notions such as Algorithm, interoperability, big tech etc. to a situation described in the text, as we followed one person going through their day.


The Developing Information, Guidance, and Interconnectedness for (Charter) Rights Integration in Strategies for Enforcement (digiRISE) project aims to increase awareness of the potential of the EU Charter of fundamental rights in the defense and protection of digital rights, to conduct capacity building, and to strengthen the knowledge and ability of different stakeholders in enforcing digital rights using strategic litigation.

Digital Rights are Charter Rights is an essay series which articulates how digital rights are Charter rights. With this essay series, we bring a wide range of EU Charter experts to the foreground of digital rights discourse.  Each essay examines a provision of the Charter and details how it applies and is relevant to digital and networked environments.

Litigation Skill Building (LIST)

Litigation skill building is a core part of the Litigation Innovation Strategy Team (LIST). We develop resources, organise convenings, meetings and workshops that help to improve the strategic litigation skills of the community of organisations and individuals working on digital rights in Europe. This includes not only those actively seeking litigation, but also those whose work can inform, support and/or complement digital rights litigation.

Through our project on Tech Community Engagement, we seek to take a careful and intentional approach to bridging gaps between litigators, technologists and activists. This is with a view to building an interdisciplinary community that can work collectively on strategic digital rights litigation.