Facebook’s private censorship

Facebook’s private censorship


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Free flow of information online

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Facebook and other online platforms have been criticised for their role in arbitrarily censoring legal content that is shared through their services. Without explanation Facebook removed pages belonging to Spoleczna Inicjatywa Narkopolityki (SIN), an organisation helping drug users with harm-reduction techniques, cutting off their most important means of communication with those they aim to support.

Panoptykon is supporting SIN to challenge this censorship. They are also pushing for Facebook to change its policies so that it is clear why something is censored and there is a process for contesting such restrictions to free speech online.

The court is yet to rule on the legality of Facebook’s censorship itself, but has imposed an order preventing Facebook from blocking SIN’s new pages while the case is open (the court’s decision is not yet final).

In the meantime, others have started to approach Panoptykon and their lawyers asking for support in restoring their censored content, and the issue of content censorship has received substantial media coverage in Poland.

"Without explanation Facebook removed pages...cutting off their most important means of communication with those they aim to support"

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To change corporate policies on content moderation towards a fair, transparent, and regulated system, and to promote a debate about private censorship on public speech and the disproportionate power of tech giants.

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Women’s Link Worldwide