Highlights from our network

Highlights from our network

In this series of animated videos, DFF highlights several important digital rights cases from our network. We traverse the globe to look at key examples of digital rights protection, covering issues from facial recognition to children’s data to censorship online.

These videos were created by Blanche Illustrates and TEMJAM.

Fighting for Free Speech Online – The SIN vs Facebook Case

We look at a critical case against social media censorship, in which Panoptykon is supporting SIN to challenge the removal SIN’s Facebook page.

Against Copyright for Censorship – The Glyphosate Report

This video follows the legal battle taken by FragDenStaat, who in 2019 requested a document with key information about a potentially carcinogenic herbicide.

Challenging Misuse of Children's Data - The UK's National Pupil Database

We examine the case of the National Pupil Database in the UK and the battle by defenddigitalme to secure the personal data of the 23 million children listed in it.

Stopping Police Use of Facial Recognition Technology – Liberty's Landmark Victory

We shed light on the landmark facial recognition case taken by Liberty, who is fighting for a ban on the technology, whihc is often deployed to surveil the public without their consent.

Defending Diverse Voices Online – Trump's Twitter Blocking

This video takes a look at a groundbreaking case from the US, in which former president Donald Trump’s habit of blocking critics on Twitter account was deemed a violation of the First Amendment.

Decolonising Digital Rights – with EDRi and DFF

The Digital Freedom Fund and its partner European Digital Rights (EDRi) have begun a decolonising process for the digital rights field. This video explains what that means and the progess so far.